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Java Developer

  GlobalLogic      Noida      4 - 10 Years

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Job Description

Java Developer (: Click to see email-id)
India, Noida
Job Description(: Click to see email-id)
  • Should have 4-7 years of experience
  • Good knowledge of Core-Java, Swing, XML, JDBC-ODBC, databases,
  • Need strong expertise in core concepts like inheritance, Multi-threading, Collections, Exception Handling, Design Patterns etc.
  • OS: Linux, Solaris/x86
  • Test/CI framework: TTCN, Junit, In-house automation suite JIVE/EFTF
  • **: Click to see email-id**

Job Responsibilities
Programming and development work in Java
Work on Multi-threading, Collections, Exception Handling, Design Patterns etc.
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Please forward**: Click to see email-id** your resume with the below details:
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Last Name:
Please don’t send profiles **: Click to see email-id** which are not relevant to JD and experience.

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