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Puzzle: Magic paper bin


In an editorial department, there is a common bin where people throw their waste papers. If the number of waste papers become double every minute and it takes one hour for the basket to become full. 
After how many minutes will the basket be half filled ?
a) 30
b) 59
c) 49
d) 25

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By  Roshan

Roshan Roshan   5 years ago

Answer: (b)59
Reason: The paper bin amounts to double every minute.
After 1 hour (= 60 minutes) = paper bin full
After (60-1 = 59) minutes = (paper bin full)/2
Hence, after 59 minutes the paper bin is half filled.

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Abhishek Chandel Abhishek Chandel   5 years ago

59 mins

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Sooraj Dwivedi Sooraj Dwivedi   8 months ago


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